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Soccer Programs / Player Pathways


Here's a flowchart outlining the typical player pathways in the PWSC, followed by a detailed explanation of each program with links to each specific program page.

Also, scroll further down to learn about our Director of Coaching and our soccer training staff.

We offer several programs for boys and girls in Pre-K through high school.  Please click on the program names below to learn more about each program, but following is a quick summary of what each program offers:

Intramural Soccer (U4-U7)

Our entry-level program for our youngest players.  This program introduces our players to soccer and teaches them to enjoy the game through fun drills and small-sided games.  The program is designed for our young soccer players who are looking for a fun, social and athletic experience, while building confidence and a love for the game.

For our winter intramural program (also known as "Wintermurals", please click here).

Diamond League and Select Pre-Travel (U8)

For our U8 players, we have developed a program that offers a select group of players an opportunity to participate on a U8 pre-travel team (selections made from our regular spring U7 intramural program - no tryouts), and all other players will participate in our U8 Diamond League, featuring league games on Saturdays, weekday practices, and opportunities to participate in intertown festivals several times per season.

Intramural Plus Soccer (U9-U13):

Intramural Plus soccer is a continuation of our recreational travel program, and a more relaxed alternative to Travel Soccer for 4th through 9th graders, including beginners.

Travel Soccer (U9+):

The Port Washington Soccer Club's Travel Program is intended for competitive and committed soccer players looking to take their game to the next level.  This is a tryout-based program (with tryouts held in the spring for the following school year).  We typically field 30+ teams across all boys and girls age groups, in various leagues and at various levels of competition.

NYCFC Youth Club Partnership

New York City site addressThrough PWSC's and Jigs Soccer's exclusive Youth Club Affiliate program with NYCFC Academy, a premier youth soccer academy with direct pathways to professional soccer opportunities, our Director of Coaching is able to bring elite-level players to tryouts for NYCFC Academy.  Several PWSC players have been invited to join NYCFC Academy (which is free to all players!), evidencing the high level of development that is possible at a town club, when executed properly.  One of our DOC's former players went through the NYCFC Academy and is now on the 1st team at NYCFC (and made his MLS debut in June 2024!).  We encourage families to educate themselves on the difference between the for-profit so-called "academy" programs and the true MLS academy programs, which provides the true pathway to professional soccer both in the US and abroad.


The Port Washington Soccer Club has developed various clinics and camps to focus on specific skill sets needed to be successful on the pitch, including clinics focused on goalkeeping, ball mastery, goal scoring/finishing and speed/agility.  All clinics and camps are led by an elite trainer in a small group setting, so each player will receive personal hands-on training.  Clinics are open to boys and girls of all ages.

Summer Camps:

Our Jigs Summer Soccer Camp is coordinated by the club's Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne, and provides a fun atmosphere for players of all ages and ability levels to develop their skills.

Explanation of Age Groups:

Not sure what program is right for your child?  Want to understand which age group he or she would play in?  Click on the tab above for more details.


Still have questions?  Contact our Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne to discuss options (contact info below).

Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne

Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne

Director of Coaching

Phone: (917) 863-7768

Soccer Training - Our Partnership With Jigs Soccer School

For several years, the club has partnered with Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne and his Jigs Soccer School to provide our Director of Coaching services and professional training services to all of our club's programs.  Our philosophy is to have a professional trainer, under Jigsy's guidance, at all soccer events, including clinics, practices, games and tournaments.  Having professional, licensed trainers, even at our U4 intramural program, provides a well-informed, consistent and dynamic training environment.

Gerneil Lorne Further to that point, Jigsy has implemented core principles and curriculums in our intramural programs, to ensure players are developing at the appropriate pace (both individually and as a group) to make the leap to travel soccer at the U9 level.  Part of those principles include a club-wide style of play and formation.  As a result, when a player either moves to another team, or just helps out for a game, they have the same vocabulary, positions, styles, etc.  Our players don't tell coaches their preferred positions by name, but rather by number (which numbering system is known and utilized globally).

Jigsy has some catch-phrases that resonate throughout the club, which he uses as he works with our intramural players or when he visits travel teams for a practice or game.  Some of these phrases are:

  • "Find your amazing!" - he realizes and preaches that not every player will be at the same level, but every player can find their "amazing" out on the pitch.
  • #goproinlife - we use this hashtag on many of our social media posts.  While only a few players get to breathe the air up at the professional level, all of our players will still go pro... in life.   We view that as one of our key missions - to prepare players to succeed in life, drawing on the many lessons that can be learned out on a soccer field (or other sports field).  Those lessons revolve around commitment, determination, sportsmanship, friendship, kindness, respect and so much more. 
  • "Mentors not coaches" - Jigsy views he and his professional soccer training staff as mentors to our players, even moreso than soccer coaches.  As noted above, we recognize virtually none of our players are going pro in soccer, but we need to prepare them to go pro in life, and a positive experience is way more important than wins for our club.
  • "Progress, then success" - it's rare that a player or team simply excels at soccer from the outset.  It's a difficult game to master, both at the individual and team level.  The human body and mind are programmed to use the hands for sports, as a rule of thumb.  Teaching your body to control a ball with your feet is an entirely unnatural skill, and teaching a group of players to control the movement of the ball on the field, often without actually touching the ball, is also a learned skill.  So, we look initially for progress, and with that, eventually comes the success.  But we aren't discouraged if the success takes a bit longer to achieve - it's the process that matters.
  • What is your 'why'?" - Many parents come to Jigs for advice about their player, including how to give them opportunities to find as much success as possible.  Jigs and the club understands that parents simply want the best for their children, and how can we fault that?!  But, as an experienced navigator of the youth soccer landscape for the past two decades, Jigs has seen it all.  So, a question he'll often ask parents is "what is your why?", before giving advice or his views on an appropriate pathway for a player.
  • #family - as much as Jigs recognizes that this is a soccer club, he always stresses that we are a 'family' within the community.  Our teams and players support each other and he recognizes the importance of club-wide culture as a key component to its success.

For the most part, in consultation with the club's board where appropriate, Jigsy is the primary decision-maker in the club when it comes to soccer decisions.  This creates a more professional structure for the club, with a level of consistency and objectiveness that can sometimes evade parent-run programs.  He works with our volunteer board members to develop and adjust the club's soccer programs, and the club trusts Jigs and his staff to run all soccer training activities. 

In order to keep an objective and transparent process, the club also delegates the travel team tryouts and rostering/alignment process to Jigsy and his staff.  Families can rest assured that all decisions are made from a soccer perspective, without influence of friendships, etc.

Jigs attends most club meetings, and runs many parent meetings as well, and works hard to connect as much as possible with our 1000+ players.  


In addition to Jigs, Yohance Alexander of Jigs Soccer School also trains teams and acts as the Assistant Director of Coaching for the club.  We're lucky to have Yo-yo!  

QUESTIONS? Contact our Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne (contact info below)

Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne

Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne

Director of Coaching

Phone: (917) 863-7768

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