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Clinics & Camps

The Registration "Clinics & Camps" is not currently available.

The PWSC and Jigs Soccer Academy have designed the following new clinics to focus on specific skill sets needed to be successful on the pitch.  These clinics are for our registered travel program players and will be led by a professional trainer in a small group setting so each student will receive personal hands on training.    

Fall 2023 Travel Program Clinic: Technique and Tactical Awareness

About the Clinic:

Our clinic tailored specifically to our travel program participants for the Fall 2023 season. Players will go through a 6 week program with our members from our travel coaching staff on a curriculum to develop each individual player Rate of Player Evolution (R.O.P.E). Our clinic is designed to enhance players’ skillsets by focusing on both technique mastery and tactical awareness, with a strong emphasis on applying these skills in game-specific scenarios.

Age Group:  

Players from all teams in the age group will have a unique opportunity to play, bind and develop with players from other teams. This should help with our family culture, as well as make it more seem less for players to help other teams when necessary. 


Dates, Times and Locations (UPDATED 9/15):

Girls U9 (2015)- 3pm-4pm Sundays [Daly]
Girls U10 (2014)- 5pm-6pm Mondays [Salem]
Girls U11 (2013)- 4pm-5pm Sundays [Daly]
Girls U12 (2012)- 5pm-6pm Fridays [Harbor Links]

Boys U9 (2015)- 3pm-4pm Sundays [Daly]
Boys U10 (2014)- 6pm-7pm Tuesdays  [Harbor Links]
Boys U11 (2013)- 2pm-3pm Sundays  [Daly]
Boys U12 (2012)- 6pm-7pm Tuesdays  [Harbor Links]

Mondays : 10/2/23, 10/16/23, 10/23/23, 10/30/23, 11/6/23, 11/13/23.

Tuesdays: 9/26/23, 10/3/23, 10/10/23, 10/17/23, 10/24/23, 10/31/23.

Fridays: 9/29/23, 10/6/23, 10/13/23, 10/20/23, 10/27/23, 11/3/23. 

Sundays: 10/1/23, 10/15/23, 10/22/23, 10/29/23, 11/5/23, 11/12/23.


Clinic Highlights: 

    •    Technique Mastery: Our experienced coaches will work closely with players to refine fundamental techniques, ensuring a strong foundation for performance on the field.
    •    Tactical Awareness: Players will learn to read the game, make strategic decisions, and adapt to different game scenarios effectively.
    •    Game-Specific Scenarios: Through interactive drills and simulated game situations, participants will learn to apply their newly acquired skills in real-time.

Benefits of Attending:

    •    Improved technical skills
    •    Enhanced tactical understanding
    •    Increased confidence in on-field decision-making
    •    Practical application of skills in match scenarios

$150/player, so secure your spot by registering using the registration link below. Early registration is encouraged to ensure your participation.

What to Bring:

    •    Soccer attire (jersey, shorts, socks)
    •    Soccer cleats and shin guards
    •    Water bottle
    •    Positive attitude and willingness to learn

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to elevate your game and make the most of the Fall 2023 travel season. We look forward to seeing you there!

Please contact our Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne with any questions on our clinics -

The Registration "Clinics & Camps" is not currently available.

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PWSC Contact Info: