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PWSC Board Announcements

June 15, 2020 Update:

The Port Washington Soccer Club is proud to announce the 2019-2020 Memorial Scholarship Awards, including the new Pierce Slutzky Memorial Scholarship.

April 25, 2020 Update:

When we put our Spring 2020 season on hold in mid-March, we had high hopes of restarting our programs once the Coronavirus crisis dissipated.  As of today, US Soccer sanctioned activities remain suspended through April 30, and New York State remains under a stay-at-home order through at least May 15.  Given the standard timeline for these programs and the continued uncertain outlook, the Board of Directors of the Port Washington Soccer Club has regrettably determined that it is best to cancel the Spring 2020 season.  

As a result of this cancellation, we are going to offer our members that were registered for a Spring 2020 program (travel, intertown, intramural) two options: 

(i) full refunds (including cancellation of remaining payments, if applicable) for the Spring 2020 season; 

(ii) reduced refunds (including cancellation of remaining payments, if desired) with the option to donate all or a portion of the refund to our trainers who are in financial need due to the loss of their expected Spring 2020 season compensation

We are calling this fundraising initiative PWSC Cares, and we are trying to raise at least $100K to help these families in this difficult time.  Please click here for more details about the refunds and PWSC Cares program.


March 12, 2020 Announcement:

In light of the ongoing local/national/global issues with respect to Coronavirus, the Board of Directors of the Port Washington Soccer Club has determined that, effective immediately, all club-related activities (practices, games, etc.) will be suspended temporarily, pending further notice. As with the rest of our community, we will continue to actively monitor and assess this situation and will make further determinations and announcements as needed. In the meantime, we send our best wishes to the entire community, and please stay safe.


Check out our PWSC Face Masks!  Multiple colors/sizes available.

Check out our PWSC Face Masks! Multiple colors/sizes available. Click here to visit our online store!

high-low Juggles

Two low juggles to one high pass to yourself..

Forward back rollover

Ball mastery

Online training, courtesy of the Port Washington Soccer Club

As a nonprofit organization serving our community, we are proud to bring our travel and intertown teams online training this spring, via Zoom online video conferencing.  Thanks to our club's Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne, for immediately responding to the suspension of schools and youth sports activities (including PWSC activities) by piloting several training sessions during the week of March 16.  After immediate and amazing feedback, we realized this was something that could be rolled out by Jigsy and our team trainers to all of our travel and intertown teams, with training by their primary trainers in many instances.


To be clear, there is NO ADDITIONAL FEE to our teams for this service - both Jigsy and the trainers are also confined to their homes in many instances, and they just want to help get the kids active, occupied and stay a bit connected with their soccer families during these difficult times.  We are grateful as a club and a community for their generosity and caring. 

As for suspension of spring season activities, we ask that all families remain patient as the club's volunteer board evaluates options (refunds, etc.) regarding cancelled events and programs.

How Do I Join A Zoom Training Session?

Great question!  There's several ways to join, via web browser, phone, or smart device app.  Rather than explaining all the ways, please download the Zoom app or visit the following Zoom help page for specific instructions:



Intramural Training Sessions

Starting on Saturday, April 18th, we will be providing Zoom online sessions for our youngest players in our intramural programs.  Players will go through a series of fun ball-mastery exercises as well as motor skill development exercises.  All sessions will be run by our Director of Coaching, Gerneil "Jigsy" Lorne.  See below for schedule and Zoom meeting info:

Boys and Girls U4-U6 
Day: Saturday (Starting April 18 - end date TBD)
Time 11:00am -11:30am 

Boys and Girls U7-U9 
Day: Saturday (Starting April 18 - end date TBD)
Time : 12:00pm-12:30pm

The sessions are being run via Zoom, which is a popular online video conferencing tool. Visit the Zoom website or download the Zoom app for instructions. It may take some time to get your apps and devices set up to work properly - please utilize the Zoom tutorials (see our home page for links), as we simply don't have the bandwidth to provide tech support at the moment.

Meeting ID : 734-554-2197
(Please see club emails or contact Jigs for password)

If you have any questions regarding the online training sessions, please contact Jigs at

We hope the PWSC community is safe and healthy, and hope that this can provide a little bit of an outlet to our players during these difficult times.

PWSC Spring 2020 Travel/Intertown Zoom Training Schedule

Team Name Practice Days Time Trainer
BU7 Select Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-4:30pm Jigsy
BU8 Select Tuesday & Thursday 4pm-4:30pm Jigsy
BU9 (2009) White Monday & Wednesday 12pm-12:30pm Jigsy
BU9 (2009) Red Tassies Monday & Wednesday 12pm-12:30pm Jigsy
BU10 (2010) White Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-12:30pm Eduardo
BU10 (2010) Big Blue Tuesday & Thursday 12pm-12:30pm Eduardo
BU10 (2010) Red Raiders Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-1:30pm Jigsy
BU11 (2009) White Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-1:30pm Jigsy
BU11 (2009) Red Devils Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-1:30pm Jigsy
BU12 (2008) Gunners Monday & Wednesday 5pm-5:30pm Jigsy
BU12 (2008) Pumas Monday & Wednesday 5pm-5:30pm Jigsy
BU13 (2007) Saints Monday & Wednesday 5pm-5:30pm Jigsy
BU14 (2006) Kangaroos Monday & Wednesday 5pm-5:30pm Jigsy
BU14 (2006) Liverpool Monday & Wednesday 5pm-5:30pm Jigsy
BU15 (2005) Pride Tuesday & Thursday 6pm-6:30pm Marlon
BU16 (2004) Gladiators Monday & Wednesday 6pm-6:30pm Walter
BU16 (2004) Blue Monday & Wednesday 6pm-6:30pm Walter
BU17 (2003) Terminators Tuesday & Thursday 11am-11:30am Herbert
GU9 (2011) Code Red Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-3:30pm Omar
GU10 (2010) Red Warriors Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-3:30pm Omar
GU11 (2009) Red Monday & Wednesday 2pm-2:30pm Herb
GU12 (2008) Huskies Monday & Wednesday 2pm-2:30pm Herb
GU12 (2008) Panthers Monday & Wednesday 2pm-2:30pm Herb
GU13 (2007)Jaguars/foxes Tuesday & Thursday 3pm-3:30pm Omar
GU14 (2006) Bulldogs Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-2:30pm Jigsy
GU14 (2006) Bombers Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-2:30pm Jigsy
GU15 (2005) Wildcats TBD TBD Walter
GU16 (2004)Blue Devils Tuesday & Thursday 1pm-1:30pm Eduardo
GU17 (2003) Blue raiders Tuesday & Thursday 2pm-2:30pm Jigsy
GU18 (2002) Cheetahs TBD TBD Walter
Intertown Boys Monday & Wednesday 4pm-4:30pm Omar
Intertown Girls Monday & Wednesday 4pm-4:30pm Omar

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We are a not-for-profit club, run entirely by dedicated volunteers.

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