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Intramural Plus (U9-U13)

FALL 2021 Registration is Live

Early bird discount through June 30!  For Intramural Plus+, please select that option in the intramural registration.

To register for Fall 2021 Intramural Plus, contact Jon North:

For boys and girls ages U9 - U13+. A more relaxed alternative to travel soccer.

Intramural Plus Soccer, which used to be Intertown, is a continuation of our recreational intramural program, providing a more relaxed alternative to Travel Soccer for 8-13+ year old boys and girls, including beginners.  Since players are grouped over several age groups, we do not need to follow the traditional age group matrix utilized for other programs. This means we can play your child up or down an age group to keep them with their friends. 

Contact Jon North with questions:

Jon's personal statement about this program:

Having been a parent for Intertown soccer, then a coach, and now the organizer of the program, the step to Intramural Plus is a goal to keep the spirit of Intertown but to adjust it to a more local program. What does that mean? 

When I was looking for a soccer program for my kids I wanted something local, fun, and low stress for the players. My kids wanted something with teams and bonding. Intertown was the closest solution we found. Unfortunately, it still involved 1.5 hours of driving for away games on weekends.  

The Intramural Plus model is to have one weekly practice but to split the players into teams for weekend games locally.  This gives the kids the joy of being on a team, lives up to the principals of Intertown, and provides a true alternative to the travel programs.

With any new program it is hard to project the exact look for this today. But the concept is as follows: if we have 30 children total, we would have 4 teams of 7-8 players and play 5v5 or 6v6 depending on the number of kids who show up each weekend. If we have 100 kids, the break-out will begin to be split by ages and sexes based on the players. 

Regarding the mixed age and co-ed practices and potentially teams: I believe in the mixing of ages and sexes for some activities for multiple reasons; it allows kids to bond beyond their peer group, makes transitioning into middle and high school easier, and can help to instill confidence and respect.

I also believe there is benefit to same-sex teams and experiences. The goal is to make the teams based on age and sex. As we begin, based on initial numbers, that may or may not be possible. It is the long term vision I have for this program. 

I hope to see your kids on the field! Please reach out with any questions about this program. 

Jonathan North

Intramural Plus goals are to: 

  • Have Fun: This means practice and games focus on the kids having fun. No screaming except to encourage, low pressure, and inclusive to all players. 
  • Try Your Best: Teach the kids to focus on what we control. Give maximum effort instead of focusing on results.   
  • Focus on Sportsmanship: The skills that allow for compassionate winners, grateful losers, and how to handle adversity on the field. 
  • Teamwork: Learn to be part of a team and how individual parts can make a better team.  
  • Everyone Plays: Every team member plays equal minutes in every game.  

Planned Schedule for the fall Season:

Season starts Saturday, Sept. 11th. The program typically runs 8 weeks but may go longer due to rain-outs / cancellations.  

Choose 1 practice session either Thursday or Friday 6-7:30 PM

Games on Saturday at 9 am

We have two age groups, in a revised league format for this year:
Junior Intertown+ - U9-U11 (Birth Years 2012-2013)
Senior Intertown+ - U12-U13+ (Birth Years 2010-2011)

The program includes: 
1. One 90 minute practice per week, run by a professional trainer.
2. Approximately 8 weekend games against local teams and children -- no travelling outside of Port Washington. 
3. A uniform kit (jersey, shorts, socks - select sizing at registration checkout). 
4. A positive atmosphere facilitating a love of soccer! 



PWSC Contact Info:

PWSC Contact Info: